Dog Walking or Comfort Visits

‘An exercised Dog is a happy dog’

Do you worry about leaving your dog at home all day whilst you are at work or have you got an event or engagement you must attend but don’t like the thought of your four legged friend being home alone for long periods of time.

Then help is at hand, contact me to arrange a suitable package for you and your dog.  This could be either a Comfort Package where I attend your home and let your dog out into the garden giving your dog human company for 20, 30 or 60 minutes at a time or I can collect your dog and take him/her out for a walk for ½ hr or 1 hr at a time.

Packages can also be arranged if you are ill or have an accident and need help whilst you recover.

Have you always wanted a puppy but feel you can not meet its needs due to work commitments then let me help.  Puppy packages available so you to can experience the joys of being a dog owner.

Please contact me to discuss the best package to meet your dogs needs. 

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