Group Training






PUPPY COURSE                            6 Weeks = £42

This course is for puppies between 12 & 20 weeks of age, needing socialisation and basic training.  We will cover key points such as Stays, Walking to heel and Coming back when called.

We use Play/Motivational training methods with no pressure placed on the puppies.

This is the perfect start to Socialising and training your puppy.





BEGINNER COURSE                    6 Weeks = £42

This course is for dogs over 2o weeks of age, needing basic training covering Stays, Walking to heel and Coming back when called.  Using motivational training methods.

This Course is also suitable for rescued and older dogs.


INTERMEDIATE COURSE         6 Weeks = £42

For dogs who have completed either the Puppy or Beginner Course.  Having mastered the basic training and wishing to achieve more, also introducing retrieve.  Preparing dog and handlers towards the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme - Bronze Award.

  •                   KC – Good Citizen Scheme – Bronze
  •                   KC – Good Citizen Scheme – Responsbility & Care





ADVANCED COURSE                    6 Weeks = £42

For anyone who has completed the Intermediate course and wishes to take their training further possibly competitive training (Obedience, Schutzhund or Working Trials), or the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme – Silver & Gold Awards, or just want to learn tricks/fun exercises.

This course will be tailored to the needs of those in the class.

  •                    KC – Good Citizen Scheme – Silver
  •                    KC – Good Citizen Scheme – Gold
  •                    KC – Good Citizen Scheme – Responsbility & Care


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